The UAteach Program for Math, Science, and Computer Science Teacher Preparation
is carefully designed to allow students to:

  • Earn their B.A. or B.S. in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
  • Earn any B.A. or B.S. plus add in Computer Science courses for CS licensure 
    (see a UAteach advisor for other math/science-related majors)
  • Earn a Minor in Secondary Education 
  • Earn an Arkansas teaching license (grades 7-12) in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics,
    Physics or Computer Science licensure (grades 4-12)
  • Graduate in four years with multiple career options!

NEW:  3 Options for UAteach/STEM Education Program PDF

UAteach has early field-based experiences for students to try out teaching in
local schools before committing to the program.

Start with a one credit course -ARSC 1201:  Intro to Teaching STEM

For more information on the Step 1 'Try it Out' option, click here.

Click here to read about the benefits of becoming a teacher.


“Teaching is all about teaching each other. Everyone’s ideas should come together and paint one cohesive picture. There is always more than one way to reach a solution. Learning is not only about learning content it is learning about each other.”

-Miranda Beeson

“Computer Science is not about teaching a student how to code or how to use a computer.
It is about teaching a student that no matter what the challenge is it can be overcome.”
  -Nate Vogel

“Education empowers students by giving them the skill set and confidence to solve problems
in their lives and change the world.”
-Chris Malone

“I love seeing students develop confidence in themselves and pride in their work!” –Clair Mulvihill